Planet Project - 3rd Grade Technology

World Book Online

- This is an online encyclopedia that you can access from any school computer. Simply go to the library homepage and scroll down for the link. You can also access this from home. See Mr. Doyon for the home passwords.

Click here to enter the World Book's website


- These are internet websites that contain good information about Famous Missourians.

How Far Are The Planets From The Sun?

Size of Planets in Order from

Solar System Planets (contains order of the planets, length of year, length of day)

What Direction do Planets Rotate from Ask an Astronomer website

Your Weight on Other Worlds webpage

All Solar Planets at (lots of information including high and low temperatures, moons, etc)

What's The Weather Like On Other Planets? from The Telegraph website

Planet Profiles for Kids from (descriptions of what each planet looks like and interesting facts)